Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Masquerade Party!!!

My Mom's 50th Birthday was this year and I was struggling to pick a theme for the party. I already did the "over the hill/graveyard/dress in black" 50th Bday party for my Dad 2 years prior. Plus I didn't think the morbidity goes over as well with fickle we are! Well my Mom just so happened to e-mail me a video that had dance clips from tons of movies and the Labryinth ballroom scene came up. I have loved that movie since it came out and always dreamed of attending a Masquerade Ball. So I replied back to my Mom asking if she liked Masquerades and if she ever wanted to go to one...and she replied YES!!

I began the frantic search to find the perfect decorations, and supplies for the invitations too! We only have two scrapbook stores in our town and I love them both, but Pearl Printing had just what I needed this time around! This silver cardstock was perfect for creating a glamorous mask which I hand drew and cut. I added lots of glitter, some bling, and don't forget the fabulous feather!

The invitations were placed inside a clear envelope, which was inside a white envelope!
I used Versamark on the pink paper to create a watermarked-glitter-embossed swirls under the mask.
The glitter on the mask was extra thick and super glamourous!
The room was booked, the date was set, the invitations went out and then I realized (after noone could make it) that I planned it on graduation night...dur. SOOOO I made a re-invitation, LOL. This time around I designed it digitally and printed them out on cardstock. The digital masks are from Princess Sophie Design (P.S!) that I purchased at The Little Scrap Garden. The swirls are Dainty Swirl brushes that I purchased at Scrap N' Fonts.

More to come on the food and decorations I made for the party, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by today!