Friday, May 23, 2008

My Crafting Heaven....Scrapbook room

To get a good idea of how obsessed I am with scrapbooking you would have to see my "craft room". Luckily I can share it with everyone here!!

This first picture is the first thing to the left when you walk in the door. This is the side view of my workspace. These convenient little cubbies hold all of my crafting magazines that I read. I love getting inspired by other designers and dream of someday being a "Master" myself.

Everything that you are about to see was built by my Mom & Dad and was a Christmas present in 07'. I know I'm a lucky girl and I feel very greatfull that I am loved and have crafty parents!!!

In the left edge of the picture you can barely see the entry door frame. I wanted lots of shelves to hold glass jars, giving the room a "Candy Store" vibe. I think we accomplished this, and since Christmas, I have filled this area to the max. I know I have issues... I am a hoarder.

Under the countertop are boxes that are sorted and labeled by theme. Each box contains paper, stickers, ribbons, and other embellishments specific to a certain theme.
Most of the jars came from either used candles or the dollar store. The set of 4 antiqued jars and the black antiqued 6 drawer curio on the countertop both came from Mish Mash and Muddle!! They have excellent stuff in there!! The colored buckets on the bottom right shelf came from Wal-Mart $1 each and are filled with pens and markers. Behind the white wooden letter "K" on the countertop are 4 glass straw containers that I also got from Wal-Mart which cleverly store my colored pencils and more markers.

This is a closeup of the boxes on the bottom left side. In the clear file folders I have all my "scraps" or used papers sorted by colors. There is a color theme throughout the room as well. I am obsessisvely organized.

Some of the themes under here are: Princess, wedding, graduation, cheerleading, school, summer/vacation, Harry Potter, and the girl's school years (i.e. Mya 2nd grade, which is full of her artwork and school papers from that school year)

This is a close up of the boxes under the bottom corner (left). Some of the themes under here are: birthday, Christmas, VBS (multiple boxes for each year), Racing, Juliana by K&Co., baby, My Little Pony, Easter/Spring, Valentines/Love, and more VBS themes.

There are also some binders which hold things like stencils. The clay pots I hope to paint soon and put some of my tropical plants in them for the dining room. The theme in that room is "Safari".

This is the right side of the "L" shaped countertops. On top of the counter is my Cricut and its cartridges, Sizzix, stacks of drawers which hold: brads, eyelets, frames (small) embossing powders, acrylic stamps, various mounted stamps, and more.

You can see on the right side of the page my stack of magazines...I haven't figured out how to store these yet...I thought about trying to fit them in the armoire, but it is pretty full.

Under the right side counter top are various plastic drawers. These hold things like: adhesives, wrapping paper, dies (for Sizzix), fabric, ribbons for gift bags, tissue paper and more.
On top of the plastic drawers are mini albums and metal tins to be decorated. In the large licorice bucket I have silk flowers. The right side of the pic shows all of my albums some of which are completed, others are empty and ready to be filled with my creations!!

This is my ribbon/fiber/yarn area!!! It is one of my fav's. On the left I have licorice, peanut & cotton candy buckets stuffed full of yarns and fibers. The cupcake on the countertop was a present from Santa (wink) that had bubble bath in it, but I have filled it with mini spools of ribbon.
The black wire racks on the sides of the door (yes there is a closet door hidden in there) are 4 plate racks that I got from the dollar store. I have hung my floss cards on rings here.

In the center is a over-the-door shoe rack that I turned into a ribbon spool holder.

This armoire is to the right of the closet door. It is cram-packed full of things like: tin soldiers (Christmas craft), Fun with Photos Memories and More Catalogs, wood mounted stamps, pictures, egg crates, cotton fiber for pillows, and more scrapbook themes that I do not have enough white boxes for under the countertops.

On top of the armoire is some more shoeboxes full of themed supplies such as: pet, Bratz, Hannah Montanna, grapes, western and more.

This is my computer desk which I inherited from my grandma. It is big, sturdy and super heavy. On the very top is my acrylic paints, spray paint, paint brushes, glitters and my scanner.

On the desktop I have my Macbook Pro for design work (this belongs to Help Me, Rhonda! the advertising business I do graphic design for). To the right is my Dell laptop, my cell phone docked to the Dell and my Epson R1800 photo printer, which takes up 1/3 of the desk by itself. It can print 12x12 scrapbook pages that I design on the computer!!! In the cubby I have photos and card making supplies.

Here we are almost back to the entry door!! This is my paper station! On the left in the white cubes is my 12x12 paper. On top of that I used black wire CD racks to sort stickers and 8x8 and 6x6 papers. In the large black metal wire racks is my 8.5x11 papers. I won both of these from Cherished Friends (thanks again guys!!!)
In the plastic drawers I have punches, plastic bags, and fabrics.
I hope you enjoyed the tour around my room. I try to keep things extra organized to help the creative process flow better. I really need to add some decorative items to the room though. The overall theme is "candy store" but I am contemplating adding a little shabby chic to it!


Kerry said...

wow, what a room! great photos and descriptions...thanks for sharing!!

lily eden said...

wow---great organizing ideas!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!! i'll be back!

Melanie Cossette said...

Impressive, Kim!! I hope to be organizing my craft/sewing room soon, will be coming back here for ideas. Thanks for sharing your talents. -Melanie