Friday, February 13, 2009


I have not been on my blog in 6 months...OMG. I literally fell off the face of the blogging world. Well I'm back...and hopefully with a vengance. A new year...a new me!!! I have so many projects to post on here...many of them the ones I mentioned in my last post.

Shelly my sweet bloggy friend the winner of my first giveaway I promise I have not forgotten you and I think about mailing your prize very often...the problem is I lost your addy. I pinky swear I will add it to my address book this time and I will never loose you again.

After my last post within a week I had to reformat my laptops hard drive..and last month after re-arranging my craft room I had a boo-b00 and dropped a speaker on my laptop and ruined my hard drive. I had to install a new one. I've had a bit of the bad luck with my computer in the last months...but I promise I will be a better blogger!

I have so much to share with you all and I can't wait to start again! So here is to a new year of sharing my crafty creations to you all(holding glass of water high), may you forgive my past, and may you enjoy mine.... and your own future!!! CHEERS!

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