Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traveling the World!!!

I am in total awe right now. I added the FEEDJIT to my blog last night, (which is in the sidebar) and I can't believe that my creations have been seen in 7 countries in less than 24 hours!!! I am so stoked!!! I was beginning to think that no one even came to my blog and then this really lifted my spirits! France, China, Vietnam, Poland, South Africa, Italy, and of course the U.S.!!!

I'm on cloud 9!

So if your ever stopping by, leave me a comment.....some "blog love" as they call it.....I am sure to return the favor and visit your blog as well!
Just for fun I will share with you an image of myself I altered in Photoshop and added some digital scrapbooking elements to.


Margie said...

Very cool! I love what you did :)

I have yet to do any digi stuff! I must make time, I'm starting to feel left behind ;)

TFS! ~ margie

Ginger said...

You are always so sweet to leave a comment on my blog--of course I'll leave you some love :)

I love those wedding invites you made! I can't believe you made 170! Wow! And That Tummy talk mini is ADORABLE!

Amy said...

I love photoshop! It's unbelievable what you can create.