Saturday, December 5, 2009

Masquerade Party Decor & Food!!

To "finally" finish my posts about the Masquerade Party...we'll start with the decorations!

About 3 bolts of pink and burgundy tulle was draped across the room surrounding the dance floor area. The dance floor was covered in 6,000 pink and burgundy silk rose petals. The tables were also sprinkled with confetti with the #"50"; and 12,000 pink, white and black acrylic diamonds.

I added silver table runners, glass mirrors and hand painted topiary's.

A stack of pink take-out boxes to go to the guests!!On to the Food!!!! The food tables were also decorated with lighted black rose vines, diamonds and masks (from the invitations). A nice veggie tray. Gotta have a meat and cheese tray!
And the fruit tray...that was my first pineapple to cut myself!! Let me tell you fresh pineapple makes canned taste like junk.

A few trays of deviled eggs, I made about 72 deviled eggs!
A condiment tray!
And last but not least...the beautiful cake!!

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