Monday, March 15, 2010

Going Green...Making Dinner Napkins!!

I started making my own napkins over a year ago since I'm always looking for ways to become "greener"!!! I typically buy 1 yard of fabric and cut it evenly into 8 pieces. I then sew 2 pieces back to back with a fun stitch on my sewing machine. I leave the ends frayed, a) because it is easier, and b) because it gives them a rustic look, that goes well with my Watermelon kitchen!

This is a stack of my completed napkins, a few of them are watermelon prints, and the others are a patriotic/primitive print.
Watermelon napkins with squiggly stitch.

Patriotic/Primitive napkins with varying stitches.

Watermelon napkins with varying stitches.
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