Friday, August 22, 2008

Creative Chaos...todays task

Ok, so this is a bit on the embarrassing side, but it is total reality. My scraphaven is UNorganized right now....I have SO many projects that are in mid-stride that all of my workspace is completely covered in projects. I got this idea from Susan Weinroth's blog...I liked the honesty (which is SO me) and thought I would give it a try! So here is what I am tackling today...wish me luck! Lets break it down here:

you can see how it used to look in the upper left corner of my blog
1. decorative scissors pouch needs to find a better home. 2. stacks of yarns egg crates and other supplies that need to be put away. 3. Scrap paper binder out for current projects 4. Box FULL of manuals from electronics-toys-appliances-etc. I got this out yesterday to find my sewing machine manual because I could not get my machine to sew vinyl without snagging (still struggling a bit). 5. My purse...not sure why it is here? 6. (bottom left corner of pic..I had a hard time finding it just now too) Mya's Christmas frame from last suddenly surfaced in the dining room, so it wound up here. 7. Gift bags and more gift these should be in the closet where the rest of the decorations are...but my stash is getting so big it is hard to fit it in there. 8. In the purple bag is a project that never got off the ground VBS books for the kids I bought enough supplies to make 25-30 mini books from Oriental Trading and the supplies did not come in until after VBS ended...sigh. In the bottom of the is magazines, books, pencils, receipts and things from around the house that needed to be put away. OK so this was a good idea at the time to clean the house and bring this with me from room to room, putting things in here that did not belong in each particular room, but then I didn't unload it after I was done (good intentions gone bad!) 9. Another basket that is full of birthday cards, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia that I plan on stuffing into scrapbooks. Oh, how does my hubby put up with my pack-rat behavior??? I can't help it everything feels so special to is hard to let go.


Oh yes there is more. 1. A recently and mostly-completed super-mini album. 2. A stack of items that I am getting rid of everything but the Caboodle was NOT claimed so it is going to the thrift store....goodbye junk! Hey look I can purge items...yay for me!!! 3. Stack of mail-receipts-bills-magazines that need to be put away (starting to feel like crying now) 4. Sewing machine is out and being used for the last few days....need to get a ton of sewing projects done! 5. Yard of vinyl, my newest project!!! Can't wait to show everyone....Shelly already knows though (wink, and thanks for the super cute idea)! 6. Wooden organizer full of stamping inks which is supposed to be in the armoire, but I need it out for current projects. 7. On top of the counter is a few projects in the making (a gift, wedding invitations, and a project to make and attempt to sell) plus a few items that need put away or find a new home 8. The girls' purple and pink laundry hamper that the stitching is coming out of...needs sewed back together.


Oh yes, here is the finale. 1. Stack of bills-receipts-printed craft projects 2. VCR- You may ask why? Well I was trying out this software that connects a VCR to your computer so that you can burn all your VHS to DVD...yes a novel idea, but it wouldn't install on my Windows luckily by neighbor let me borrow her laptop!! But seriously I need to buy the upgraded software so I can finish this project on my own laptop. 3. Box of wedding photos. I was making a DVD for our wedding which I am going to include all these too!!! It's going to be so cool when I'm done! 4. The stack of mini-VHS from our video camera, I went through every single one of these last Friday trying to find our Wedding videos....and nothing was labeled at the time. Well everything is labeled now..pheew. 5. Stack of clothes that need mending and a poster to return to my boss. 6. Under the desk is a bag with more clothes that need mending not to mention did you look at my Jerry-rigged curtains (hanging by 2 safety pins off of the curtain rod brackets)...tisk tisk. Yes, I need to sew a lot.... that's a lot, a lot, a lot!

Eeek, everyone please tell me your creative space gets a bit chaotic. I'll admit mine is beyond being OUT OF CONTROL, but not for long. Does anyone have tips for hoarders and pack-rats??? Your help would be great!!


Just me.....Shelly said... craft room right now is in waaay worse shape than yours!!! i have waaaay too much stuff and no where to go with it unless i re-organize it all (no time for that right now)---I can barely see the floor....just afew spots for me to step!!

Susan said...

hehe. mess can be good for creativity, right?!

JESSICA said...

Is this your romm or mine? I think my husband NEED to see those cute pictures!!!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

Check out my blog. I always have inspiration for scraproom organization and much more. Something that might make you feel better, I actually cannot even use my scrapbooking stuff from my room (which I dont have anymore). We have moved and of our home in Virginia (which is our new rental property...because it would not sell) and moved back to Indiana. My whole room (& house for that matter) is in a storage unit until we find a house to buy. AHHHH it has been six months. It is driving me nuts!