Friday, August 22, 2008

Freebie Friday!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I am taking this idea from the wonderful Shelly! I always enjoy joining in her Freebie Friday I thought hey I could do that!! Up for grabs is 1 self inking 7 Gypsies "Congratulations" stamp!!!!! I stamped a piece of cardstock (which I won from one of Shelly's giveaways!) so that you can see how nice and juicy mine comes out!!

Leave a comment on this or the previous post about scrapbook rooms and I will have one of my girls draw a name on Sunday night!!! I'm excited are you?

*Update for previous post* The room is almost done!!! I just have the countertops and bills left!! My large fold up table is completely bare and there is nothing under it now!!! Yay!!


Kim's Life said...

I know what you mean on a disorganized scraproom!!! Someday I'll clean mine out too, but then I wouldn't know where anything is? ;) Anyway, I love blog candy!!!! Also, here is a link to the action card on Dannie's Designs blog! Have a great day!

Kim aka Koreanbella

Kim's Life said...

Guess it would of helped to leave the link.... sorry....,2045,DIY_15079_2354808,00.html

Just me.....Shelly said...

what a fabulous idea!! You know i love my stamps...never hurts to have lots, hee hee!!