Friday, August 15, 2008

Just for my neighbors!!

My neighbors have the cutest two little girls and I couldn't help but make them a scrapbook page after I was given a couple pictures of them!! They are both 6"x4" perfect for printing and slipping into a brag book!
Techniques: I layered 3 frames over the picture (wooden, green flowers, and twigs), added drop shadows to 2 of the frames and bracket, added a flower in her hair and then lightened it and desaturated it until it matched the lighting on her forehead.

Supplies: Angel Of Mine Freebie Kit by Lori; Allembert, and Bookman Old Style fonts.

Techniques: I lightened and lightened the saturation and color on the photo. I added an outer glow and drop shadow to the title of the page.

I have a ton of projects that I am working on and getting ready to start....arggh if I just could complete a few of them to get em' up'll know when they are done though...I promise!!

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Debbie Olson said...

I bet your neighbor loved these pages--what sweeties!