Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's on my playlist

After reading Donna Downeys post on what's on your playlist. I decided to post what I like to workout to. I copied 3 snapshots of my playlist and pasted them together here!!

I currently have 80 songs (6.4 hours) on my workout playlist and the songs are mostly techno/dance and R&B/Hip Hop. Some songs are to inspire me to want to look hot and sexy therefore driving me to workout harder (i.e. Thong Song, Glamorous, Milkshake, Wait, All Night...etc.) to break a sweat and drop them pounds. These I usually play while stretching, walking, and warming up.

Some songs I like because they have an excellent beat for running (Get Down, You Make Me Feel 2002, Float Away (which sounds kind of slow, but I loose every thought in my mind when this is playing and my feet hit the treadmill with the bass beat...this song brings me total body and mind cohesion!!!), Light, Without You, etc. All the faster beat songs I listen to while running on the treadmill or riding my stationary bike.

The remainder songs, which are usually popular hits give me something fun to focus on and bob my head to while I lift weights (4 Minutes, Don't Stop the Music, Stronger, It's like that, my Humps, etc.)

Well that's about it!! What do you listen to when you work out? If you don't workout what kind of music inspires you to get your body moving?

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candy said...

hope you don't mind if i look at your blog, but I think its amazing! The projects are really wonderful, and i like how you added the lion cub video!